2014 - 7 Steps to Wealth Acceleration and Success

1. Model a Successful Person
Success leaves clues. Don't copy but model. Look at at least 3 successful people in your niche and take up the positive aspect of their program and routine and model your own after it
2. Get Healthy - Health is Wealth
It's easy just EAT
E - Eat Differently - diet fitness
A -  Act Differently - body fitness
T -  Think Different - lifestyle fitness

3. Overcome Fear - Face your Giants
FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real
   Fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of rejection - face your giants
The Enemy you refuse to fight today will come back to fight your children. There are 366 Fear Not in the bible. One for every day
David faced Goliath. It was the killing if Goliath that brought him out from the back to the throne

4. Make better use of your time 80:20 principle
What is the 20% activity that will give 80% result
2 things are Levellers
    Time - we all have 24 hours
    Education - get educated to increase your ability

There are 24 hours in a day lets look at extreme use of time
8hrs to sleep
8hrs at work
2hrs to commute
3hrs to play
2hrs to eat
Total 23hrs leaves you with 1 hour - you can claim an extra hour either by sleeping 1hour later or wake up1hour earlier

One hour times 5days times 50weeks times 5 years will make you an Authority and Specialist and a Winner

Work Hard
Invest wisely
Never quit / never give up
Never doubt
Expect a reward
Repeat the winning formula

5. Value and Build Empowering Relationships. Your value system is important - integrity, dream/ goal, peace, purpose, passion, patience,

Relationships hierarchy - God, Spouse, Children, others
Get a mentor / coach. Become accountable to somebody. Leave a legacy
1. Show a genuine interest in people.
2. Listen to them.
3. Believe in them.
4. Inspire them.
5. Make them feel important.
6. Be a role model for them.
7. Challenge them.
8. Spend time with them.
9. See their point of view.
10. Praise them for their successes

6. Take Risks
If you don't take risks now you'll be at risk later.

Become an Entrepreneur. Build streams of income that will move you more from Earned Income to Passive and Residual Income

4 Money Mountains-Real Estate, Paper Assets, Business, Expert Niche
Remember most Millionaires keep their money in Real Estate

7. Acquire the 7Money Skills
Value Money
Make Money
Save Money
Invest Money
Manage Money
Share Money
Shield/ Protect Money

Make 2014 the best and greatest year in your wealth building experience

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