What Skills are Needed to start a Business from home?

Many people think that there is some special talent that you must have for a home based business startup. However I have found that everything you need to start a home based business is usually already within you if you just ask yourself the right questions. Sometimes you just need to develop these skills.

When you have a clear understanding what is needed to begin a successful home based business startup, then you can be honest with yourself as to whether it is a good idea or not for you.

Some of the attributes that you will need to establish a small business startup are:

* Discipline

* Determination

* Perseverance

* Time Management

* Knowledge

Let us take each of these and break them down for a better look at what I mean.


Are you willing and able to stay focused at home in your own workspace? Many people find too many distractions when they are at home verses in a corporate environment. Friends and family sometimes do not realize the importance of your work and time in your home business  endeavor.

If you are not able to set guidelines to keep yourself focused on what you need to do, it is very easy to be distracted and lose your productivity. Are you able to set guidelines for yourself in regards to how your home based business will run? How you will handle outside distractions?

When you get started on a task do you see it through? Can you do it without someone else looking over your shoulder? Are you able to make a list of priorities and stay focused until they are completed?


When making decisions are you able to take the facts available and make a firm ?yes? or no?. Can you stay on target for your home based business goals? Do you have the attitude that I will make the business work and make money for myself and family even though I can?t see my business goals currently being achieved? Can you ignore the naysayer?


How do you handle rejection? Do you roll up your sleeves and continue to press forward or do you keep thinking about the ?No? you received? Can you keep your business startup goals in focus even when you feel like you haven?t made a dent in your forward progress?

How apt are you to throw in the towel because the expected results did not go exactly the way you wanted them to go? Will you keep trying over and over again until you achieve the desired results?

Time Management

Can you determine the importance of each task you put on your daily work schedule? When should these tasks be done? What is the most productive use of your time right now? Starting a home based business takes a prioritization of your time. Do you look at time as limited or infinite? Each minute you will be working for yourself will end up being calculated in the dollars you will be earning.


Knowledge is Power. Are you able to learn the necessary information to start a home based business? Are you willing to do your own research into various aspects of your business, such as business startup, business accounting, business marketing, business networking and numerous other business related topics?

What about your own personal self growth? Can you learn how to handle yourself when customers or suppliers tick you off? How do you view your customers, competitors, home based business etc.? Do you like to learn new ways of doing things? Can you change your mindset if need be?

Starting a home based business requires you to be able to do most if not all of the various jobs required to get your business started and running smoothly. Please be straight with yourself when answering the above questions.

Too many home based businesses close after the first 3-5 years. That is when they are the most vulnerable. A business startup can be exciting, scary, frustrating, time consuming and exceptionally rewarding. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses up front before you start a home based business you will be more prepared.


Basic Checklist for Starting a Small business

 Below is a basic checklist that can be used in starting a Small business

1. Get a good business idea suitable for small business

2. Carry out a general research into the product / service, industry etc

3. Define your Small business Niche, the narrow the better

4. Write a mission statement that explains your niche for it to be clear in your thought process

5. Research market expectations, competition, customers etc

6. Name your Small business

7. Decide on a legal structure – sole trader, Partnership, limited company

8. Write out your business Plan for the Small business                                      

9. Establish your market and supplies

10.Decide on your location- home based, locality or internet

11.Get licenses and permits

12.Seek Professional help in starting the Small business e.g. Businesslink, Enterprise bureau, chamber of commerce, small business advisory services etc

13.Explore / Contact your professional team- Banker, solicitor, accountant, Establish supply  lines

14.Source for finance

15.Get equipped – furniture, Computer, telephone/fax/answering machine, business management software, internet access, business e mail etc

16. Get Professional stationary – letterheads, business cards

17.Network everywhere and spread the word about your new Small business

18.Access employee needs

19.Develop an employee policy

20.Get “targeted education” – polish sales skills and presentation, marketing strategy,

21.Open for business


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