The Best Weight Loss Program for Women

Fat Loss Factor at

 Fat Loss Factor provides a large amount of well researched information in a format that is easy to navigate and even better, simple to understand and fun to read.
The fat loss factor was invented by a certified nutritional and fitness expert Dr Charles Livingston who stated The reasons why people fail to lose weight: Dr Charles Livingston recognizes that there are three reasons why people fail to lose weight and why some people accumulate body fat (around the belly, bottom and hips – not to mention everywhere else). The three reasons are due to:

1.     A bad diet.

2.     A poorly functioning Liver.

3.     A clogged up Colon

The great thing about the Fat Loss Factor diet plan is that it starts by cleansing the body enabling people on the plan to feel healthier right from the word go.

There are 3 plans to follow

#1 Steady Weight Loss Plan - This is the plan for people wanting to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

#2 Quick Weight Loss Plan – This is the plan for people who want to lose weight faster – around 3-4 pounds a week.

#3 Turbo Weight Loss Plan – This is where weight loss is put into turbo where participants lose around 5-6 pounds a week 

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