Make Money Using Facebook

Most of us are very familiar with Facebook, and that it is the largest social network on the internet. But what many of us are not aware of is the opportunity here to make excellent money online. Thanks to the many applications available it’s gotten a lot easier to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity. Here are some of those applications:

1. Zazzle - Zazzle lets you create and then design any product on their site, which is a free service, and then you can sell it on Facebook. Now think about the potential that is sitting here waiting to be used. If you have lots of Facebook friends you have the potential to create a very comfortable income with the right product. 
2. Radical Buy – This is almost like eBay for Facebook. You can sell almost anything you want on a Facebook page with this application. List an item and instantly make it available to all Facebook users. If you don’t have any of your own items for sale you can show items that others have for sale. 
3. Ether – This is a website where you can make money giving advice to people on the phone or through email. Now you can use the application on Facebook to make money giving people advice. If you are good at giving advice this is a great way to make some extra money. You set your rates. Ether provides you with a free phone number for individuals to call, which is then forwarded to your personal phone number.
4. Café Press – This is similar to Zazzle but it has a huge online store. Café Press lets you easily sell all kinds of products on your Facebook and make money.
5. Shopit – This is a free Social Commerce Network that lets users buy, sell, and/or trade any service or product. You can add a free store to your Facebook account and then sell anything you want. It’s yet another easy way to make money through Facebook. 
6. Music Blaster – With Music Blaster you are able to put together a simple music store on your Facebook account and then sell music from – you will earn 5% for each song you sell. 

There are tons more other applications that allow you to make money using your Facebook account. That means there are a exciting opportunities to make money just waiting for you to take advantage of. Join  today and learn how to Create Wealth and Streams of Passive Income towards the One Million Dollars Goal in 3years. Get access to multiple step by step strategies and video tutorials by building 10 income streams each earning $100 a day go to now