What is Financial Excellence?

Financial Excellence is having resources and finances flowing into you/ your account every month, with you being able to cover your outgoings, Being blessed  and having more than enough to be a blessing to other people. It empowers you to decide if, when and where you want to work.

It is  financial empowerment with purpose, helping people and making a difference by improving the world in some way especially in the place where you are.

Do you have a plan towards a life of financial excellence? Are you Building Wealth towards financial freedom?  Most people do not make plans towards financial independence and in their golden years they end up being broke.

I`ll  like to ask you a question: What is Financial Empowerment to you? Is it

·        To create personal freedom for yourself and your family?

·        To pursue your dreams and visions? To make a difference for charities?

·        To be financially independent? To have more choices?

·        To be a blessing? Bigger house

·        Freedom, Happiness

·        Holidays, Independence

·        More money, New car, No stress

·        Pension, Residual income, Retire early

·        Security, Time with kids

·        Work from home

What happens to a company executive with a fat salary and perks that go with the job if his company goes down? He is exposed and vulnerable especially if he’s in middle age without much prospect for another job. 

If you are not financially independent by the time you are fifty, It doesn’t mean you live in the wrong country, or wrong government, It simply means you have been following the wrong plan

Let us look as a simple plan we can follow towards financial independence




1.     make a decision to become financially independent – step across a mental line in your mind

2.     set a goal to achieve a certain amount of money by a certain date then set sub-goals 2years, 1year, 6months, 1month

3.     make detailed monthly plans of how much you are going to earn what you are going to achieve and what you are going to save or invest.

       Savings – is what you put aside for a  rainy day

       Investment – what one does at the expense of today in order to enjoy tomorrow

4.     Break Parkinson law – expenses rise to meet income.  Spend 10% - 20% less than you earn

5.     Carefully save & invest the money you are putting away – 1st half of becoming wealthy is to earn the money 2nd most important half is to hold unto it once you earn it

6.     Study, research and investigate financial opportunities carefully.  Don’t rush, avoid any kind of get rich quick schemes. Making money is like digging in the sand with a pin. Losing money is like pouring water on sand

7.     Get out of debt and stay out of debt – oweing money is a major source of stress, it undermines your mental, emotional and physical health

8.     Continually look for ways to increase and add value to what you do

9.     never give up – wealth accumulation is a steady process, it requires tremendous persistency and consistency

10.            Be a continual channel of blessing – make other people’s smaller dreams come to pass, You will see your own dream become reality. It is the law of karma in action ie  Law of sowing and reaping.

Remember poor people spend their income and SAVE what is left.  Rich people INVEST their income and spend what is left.

Bibi Bunmi Apampa is a top Business Consultant and Wealth Strategist. She has helped many people Create Multiple Streams of income in their business and personal lives She can be contacted through her website  www.BApampa.com Visit www.MyBusinessCoach.biz  to download free eBooks on Home Business ideas and Newbies Guide to Internet Business