7 Steps To Always Reach Your Goals

To write a goal is admirable.  Few do it.  But that is only the starting point.

Once you have written your goal – and I like to write it as if it has already been achieved and attach a date to it when you wish to see it achieved, it is then that the real work begins.

So what do you do next?

1. Broadcast

Declare your goal to those who support you – your cheer squad. That way you are positioning yourself to be accountable.  You’re committed.

2. Dissect

Chop your BIG goals into smaller portions with progressive dates set to complete these.  Little by little you are then positioned to possess the goal.

3. Plan

Create a plan, write it down, and break it up into weekly or even daily sub-goals that you need to achieve along the way, in order to achieve your main goal.

4. Excel

If you don’t achieve excellence in the small, then how on earth will you ever expect to do the big any better. Those who are faithful with the little will be entrusted with the big.

5. Evaluate

Check yourself along the road towards your goal, and if you’re not kicking small goals along the way, you may need to relook at what you’re currently doing and adjust your plan.  It may require some harder, longer or smarter work along the way.

6. Persist

Any worthwhile goal is worth the effort. So don’t quit as soon as you’ve left the starting gate. Push through. Surround yourself with the people and the resources to help you to stand above the crowd because of  your persistence.

7. Achieve

Never forget that the sweetest taste that you can ever taste is the sweat of a goal perceived and a goal achieved.

My Goal Setting Challenge:

Write on a piece of paper your next 12 month goals, your five year goals and your ten year goals. Type them up, shrink the typeface, print it off, and carry it in your wallet so that you can pull them out on a daily basis to read and remind you of your commitment to yourself. ACT NOW!