The Future is Bright. Are You Future-Ready

Strategy sessions with The Retirement, Bibi Apampa is a paid intensive personalized one on one coaching session to help you become "Future-Ready" for a Happy, Rich, Peaceful Retirement with multiple Income Streams by developing a workable, personalized custom plan towards achieving your retirement goals 

We cover Managing New Beginnings which includes

    * The Transition plan from your career into retirement

    * Personal development training needed to bridge the gap 

    * Sustainable Retirement Wealth strategy

    * Building / Consolidating Passive Income Streams

    * Different Retirement businesses based on your skill set

    * Ageing gracefully to become Healthy & Fit4Life

    * Personalized Wisdom Plan

The Future is bright, Are you Ready. Connect with the Retirement Queen to become Future-Ready

Book this 60-min strategy session to pick my brain, bounce off ideas,

brainstorm together, and start mapping out your plan of action

During the discussion some of the issues we will discuss in detail with your personalized Strategy Plan are

1. Transition plan

    * Mindset

    * Time management

    * Personal development 

    * Relationship management

2.  Your Sustainable Wealth Building Plan

    * Financial Planning & Investments Options

    * Money Management 

    * Passive Income Strategies

    *Retirement Business / side hustle

3. Your Healthy & Fit4 Life plan

 *Eat Differently -Diet fitness

 *Act Differently-Body fitness

 *Think Differently - Lifestyle fitness 

 4. Your  Wisdom Plan

     * Spiritual Health - Peace with God and man

     * Will writing & digital will

     * Pillar Support team

     * Protecting your assets

     * Estate planning

     * Leaving a legacy

     * Nurturing your love circle

5.  Ageing Gracefully Plan

     *What to watch

     *What to avoid

     *What to do

 6. Dream to Reality - Review of Personal Retirement Strategy and implementation Steps

At the end of the strategy session, you would know 

* Gaps that needs to be filled before retirement date

* What to do in retirement - Different Business ideas and investments for sustainable cash flow to undertake in retirement based on skillset, capital, interest, working experience and location

* Template for the legal and digital will 

* Staying healthy and fit for life

* Leaving a good legacy

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